Flip the switch: Global Encryption Day 2021

October 21, 2021 / Alex LintonPrivacy, Security

Throughout history, civilizations have been built on the back of private communications. For every “I have a dream,” Gandhi hunger strike, and Panama Papers, there are millions of private conversations that had to happen to make those moments possible. Without private conversations, nobody could’ve made these powerful public statements. Ideas that challenge the status quo are vulnerable when they first germinate — like a small seedling that has just sprung out of the soil. Those ideas need to be protected and cultivated in a safe place. Privacy strengthens the roots of positive change. It takes courage, confidence, and conviction to change the world, and the people that persuade us to take the leap have already been talking about it — privately — for a long time before their words and actions make news headlines. In the past, those conversations were held face-to-face, but nowadays the average conversation happens online. 

When we’re online, encryption means privacy. Encryption is our friend, not our foe; to keep our online world safe and secure, we must embrace end-to-end encryption with open arms. This Global Encryption Day, the cybersecurity community is calling for people to #MakeTheSwitch to end-to-end encryption. The OPTF has compiled a list of digital safety tips to help increase your online security. Having said that, chances are you’re already well aware of the benefits of end-to-end encryption — but that isn’t stopping legislators and regulators around the world from attempting to undermine it. 

At Session, we believe good end-to-end encryption is just one part of security. While encryption is essential, we also need to take further steps to protect people’s security and privacy online. Techniques such as onion-routing, decentralisation, and non-permanent data storage can be used alongside encryption to develop secure, private technology. Session takes all of this into account in its design, and we’re committed to providing private communications for people all around the world. 

The right to privacy is enshrined by the United Nations, and in the digital world that means encryption. Without encryption, there can be no privacy — so the right to privacy implies the right to encrypt. Attacks on encryption are an attack on human rights. 

Session’s foundation, the OPTF, is one of nearly 150 organisations who have signed this year’s Global Encryption Day statement. Here is the statement: 

Strong encryption is a critical technology that helps keep people, their information, and communications private and secure. It underpins online trust, protects members of vulnerable communities, and safeguards the data of governments, businesses, and citizens from criminals and other malicious actors.

However, some governments and organizations are pushing to weaken encryption, which would create a dangerous precedent that compromises the security and privacy of billions of people around the world. Actions in one country that undermine encryption threaten us all.

On Global Encryption Day, we call on governments and the private sector to reject efforts to undermine encryption and instead pursue policies that enhance, strengthen, and promote use of strong encryption to protect people everywhere. We also support and encourage the efforts of companies to protect their customers by deploying strong encryption on their services and on their platforms.

Strong encryption is a critical tool toward a safer world for us all.

Encryption is a huge part of our modern lives. Do everything you can to support encryption this Global Encryption Day. Defend encryption. Use encryption. Get Session.

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