Session Release Roundup #11: Return of the Multi-Device

Session Release Roundup #11: Return of the Multi-Device

March 05, 2021 / adminRelease Roundup

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new device for me — and I’m feelin’ good

This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them! That’s right, multi-device is back and better than ever. Now that we’re running on the slick new Session Protocol, we’re finally able to bring back one of our most requested features: multi-device.

In August of last year we came to the decision to put a pause on multi-device support — its implementation was just too unstable for our liking. As it turned out, creating a system for messages to be synced on a completely decentralised, anonymous messaging app was… hard. 

Part of the reason we moved to the Session Protocol was to fix this problem. Rather than using the Signal protocol, which wasn’t built to handle a decentralised application, we decided to develop our own protocol based on the Signal protocol — but streamlined and designed around our needs. The return of multi-device is only the beginning. The Session Protocol will allow us to implement heaps of changes we’ve been wanting to make (and you’ve been asking for) for ages.

Multi-device isn’t all we’ve got for you, we’ve also packed in a brand new look for the iOS conversation screen, quality of life changes to voice messages, and some performance and reliability improvements. 

We’re here to link devices and chew bubblegum — and we’re all out of bubblegum

  • Session now supports multi-device — again (iOS, Android, Desktop)

It’s the big one, multi-device is back and better than ever. Since this is still in beta, we wrote a guide to setting it up, which you can view here.

  • The conversation screen now has a fresh new look! (iOS)

Out with the old and in with the new, Session now has a fresh coat of paint. The conversation screen is where you spend most of your time on Session, so making sure it’s spick and span is high priority.

  • Voice messages will now play one after another if there’s multiple (iOS)

We know you want to hear all of your friends’ beautiful voices as smoothly as possible, so now you can listen uninterrupted. 

  • Swipe to reply (iOS)

It can be cumbersome to tap-and-hold messages to reply, so we’ve streamlined the process of replying with “lmao” to all the memes your friends are sending.

  •  Double tap a voice message when it’s playing to speed it up (iOS)

Look, we get it: you’re busy. There’s just not enough time in the day — and we’re here to help. Now you can get all of your daily listening down in record time, and the bonus of making everyone sound like a chipmunk — who says efficiency can’t be fun?

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the conversation screen from scrolling properly (iOS)

We all hate to be stuck, whether it be in traffic, a queue, or on your conversation screen — well, we can help with one of those. Scrolling should now be smooth as butter.

  • You can now set nicknames for contacts by going into the conversation settings and editing the name (iOS)

Have you got 4 different contacts all called Alex? Well there’s no need to confuse them any more, now you can be sure who is who at a glance.

  • The app now shows the number of unread messages for a conversation (iOS)

No more being ambushed by 56 unread messages, now you can know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before you dive into a conversation.

  • When opening a conversation, Session will now automatically scroll to the first unread message in that conversation (iOS)

We know your time is valuable, and we want to want to make sure not to waste it. Now you can find the messages you want to see straight away and spend more time thinking up the perfect response.

  • Improved closed group reliability (iOS, Android, Desktop)

  • Improved performance (iOS, Android)

Just a few under-the-hood changes to make sure that Session delivers the most streamlined and reliable experience possible.

What’s that on the horizon? It looks like Session usernames!

As always: there’s a lot coming up for Session. Multi-device is still in early beta, so a big part of the plan is to work on its implementation and take it from beta to the best version it can be. 

We’re also working on rewriting the code for message sending and receiving on Android to help with stability and to allow us to move faster on fixing bugs in this area in future. And don’t worry, robot lovers — we’re not playing favourites. We’ll also be giving Android a brand new look for the conversation screen to match the iOS makeover. 

Oxen Name Service support is also on the table for the next round of updates, allowing users to spend Oxen to buy a permanent Session username to replace their Session ID. And, as always, we’ll be squishing, squashing, and spraying every bug we find.

Thank you!

Once again we want to thank you for your support, and your questions and comments. We’re doing as best we can to continue to innovate and push the limits of blockchain technology and your feedback is invaluable in doing so. Keep it coming and we’ll do our best to keep the improvements coming too.

So long, and we’ll see you again soon!

— The Session team

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